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Forest School

Exploring Forest School


The children in nursery thoroughly enjoyed exploring forest school. It promoted our Personal, social and emotional development aswell as our Understanding of the world. 



Forest school has been a great way to get the children communicating with eachother. As it was Nursery's first time there they were fascinated. 


We had fun in the mud

"Wow it's so much mud we can dig dig dig."

"Let's use our hand's and make a sand castle with mud."

"Boss I make it dead dead big than me."

"I'm a big 4 now make it bigger than me."

"Okay let's do this."


We had fun in the grass

"The grass is heavy and big I have to lift my legs up to nearly my chin."

"Is hard and wet."

"Wet and squishy."

"There is a bear in the woods and the Gruffalo I know it you know."

"Grass spiky arghhhh."

"This bit of grass is so soft have a little feel."

"It's made me wet and yucky."

"The grass is nice I like it lots of bugs live here you know so careful don't squash it."


We found some insects

"What is that thing?"

"It's deffo a snail but he's lost his shell."

"Snails always have a shell silly so it's not that."

"Oh my gosh it's a big fat worm he ate too much."

"Miss What is it?"

It is a slug. The children learn new vocabulary. Can you describe the slug?

"It is squishy and squashy."

"It is so wet urghhhhhh feel it."

"Don't poke him that's mean, leave him in his home. He is wet and slimy though."

"He left slime everywhere."