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World Beaters Yr 2

Mrs Roscoe Welcome Video

Welcome to the World Beaters.

We are a busy Year 2 class. Our latest information, and a flavour our lively and unique curriculum is now updated via Twitter which you can see above. This is only our 3 most recent tweets. Please follow us @STMworld so we can show you how much fun we have while we are learning!


Welcome Letter


Please click the link bellow for our Welcome letter. This has class specific key information about our class.


Welcome letter download here


Home Learning - Come and See

Week 1 - Explore: Complete the work on Page 2 and the first part of Page 3 - talk about, discuss and investigate different books that might be used at home or in school . Then choose an activity to complete from the list at the bottom of Page 2.
Week 2 - Reveal: Pages 3 and 4 - learn how important the Bible is for Christians and find out about the Gospels and find out how the Bible is used at Mass . Then design a cover for a Bible that shows it is a special book.
Week 3 - Reveal: Page 5 and the first part of Page 6 - find out how readings from the Bible are used in church. Then choose an activity from the top of page 6.
Week 4 - Respond: Page 6 - now that you have come to the end of our topic 'Books' spend some quiet time working through the reflection on Page 6

Spring Term - Home Learning

Here is the year 2 email address


You can use this for contacting or sending any enquiries throughout your home learning experiences.

This will also be where you send your child's completed work.

Home Learning Timetable 25.1.21 - 29.1.21

Home Learning Timetable 18.1.21 - 22.1.21

Home Learning Timetable 11.1.21 - 14.1.21

Autumn Term - Home Learning

Homework Links

Homework is sent out every Friday. However some families have found these links useful to use with their child:

VIPERS - Retrieval

World Beaters please practice 10 spellings each week from this list.