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Whizz Kids Yr 6

Changes to Home Learning

From Wednesday 22nd April, instead of posting individual tasks on our class page we will be directing children to the website below. Each day, the children will have access to three activities (English, maths and one foundation subject). 

As well as this, I will continue to tweet extra activities as well as
regularly posting Come and See activities. 


I hope to see you all again soon,

Miss Sillitoe

Week Beginning 22.06.2020
Week beginning Monday 8th June:

Maths reasoning activities

Come and see (Monday 8th June) Lesson 2: Research what, how and why the Jewish people celebrate the festival of Pentecost or Shavuot today. Explain how it influences their lives.

Try these 60 second reads!

This week's Collective Worship gives an opportunity for you and your family to talk, reflect and pray together on the theme of 'We Each Have Our Own Role'. This may take 10-15mins and can be led by an adult or a child. There are weblinks included for suggested music to use but, feel free to choose your own if you would prefer, and a suggested activity for afterwards. Top Tip: give each person a chance to pause and speak without interruption. God Bless and stay safe.

Come and see - Topic of Witnesses

Setting Descriptions

This week on Oak National Academy, you have been looking at describing settings. 

Below are some photos that you can use for extra practice:

Not sure where to start? 

  • What can be seen?
  • What can be heard?
  • How do people feel in this setting? 
  • Describe the weather - does it match the atmosphere? 
  • Use figurative language (similes / metaphors) to describe regular objects. 



A Poem For Year 6

*Note to Parents / Carers.

This work comes from the Come and See Religious Education programme which we teach to all children at St. Michaels.  The activities aim to keep Religious Education practical and fun.  Please only choose the activities you and your child wish to complete. There are lots of suggestions to help you choose.  You might want to take photographs of the children's work to share with school.  

The Topic for 20th April - 15th May is Pentecost.  The first part of learning is called – EXPLORE. This shares your child’s everyday experiences and helps them to see how the Catholic faith is lived in their everyday lives. The second part, called – REVEAL shares bible stories that links to their everyday life. 

Tuesday 21st April 2020


Good morning Whizz Kids! Today's activities are below. The Y6 activities on the BBC Bitesize page today include: Verbs and modal verbs, rounding decimals and a Geography activity looking at different types of settlements.


Have a lovely day! laugh

Art - #DrawingwithSarah

Monday 20th April 2020


Happy Monday Whizz Kids! I hope you've had a lovely, relaxing two weeks of Easter celebrations and are ready for some home learning today! Below you will find a maths, reading and writing activities and a science game to keep you busy.

Tweet our class page @WhizzKidsSTM to show off any of your amazing work... 


Also, have a look at the website below for lots of new, exciting home learning activities


We hope you have a lovely Easter break!

Daily online learning tasks will resume w/c  20th April, however we will be posting some optional tasks for you to have a go at in the coming weeks.

Stay home, stay safe and enjoy the sunshine with your family!

Friday 3rd April 


Thursday 2nd April 2020


Happy Thursday everyone, have a go at the tasks below and enjoy your day! yes

For English you have a Harry Potter activity, read the extract & try the questions. 

For Maths you have some ratio problems to try and some angles revision. 

For our wider curriculum task I have given you some science work to try today. A crossword to test your scientific vocabulary and a quiz sheet for any Whizz Kids needing a trickier challenge! 



Wednesday 1st April 2020


Good morning Whizz Kids, I hope you're all ok and enjoying some time at home. 

Have a look through the activities below as well as your folder of activities sent home to keep yourselves busy and your brains active. 



Have a go at the pronouns revision activity and then watch the film below, The Ocean Maker, before trying to answer the Reading Vipers questions. 


Below you can access your Prodigy Maths login if you don't have this at home as well as some activities you can do today at home. 

Wider Curriculum

Have you started working on your Benin non-chronological report? Continue researching and creating a colourful, informative piece of non-fiction writing. Remember to tweet your final creations, I would love to see! @WhizzKidsSTM 



Tuesday 31st March 2020

Hi Whizz Kids! Below are some activities to keep you busy today. 

Try and get outside today for a walk with your family, don't sit in front of a screen all day! yes



Your English task today is very simple - READING PLUS


Have you been on since school closed? Try and log on today and complete a Reading Lesson. I will be checking online and tweeting to congratulate those of you who have a go!



Wider Curriculum 

Our Benin topic is coming to an end. Can you create a double-page Non-Chronological report all about the Kingdom of Benin? This will take you a couple of days as you may want to research using the website below and make a few notes before creating your masterpiece. 

Tweet your work when completed - I would love to see! heart



Monday 30th March 

Happy Monday everyone! Have fun exploring the activities below. 

Make sure to tweet any pictures of your work to @WhizzKidsSTM

Miss Sillitoe laugh

Prime numbers and factors revision and some adverbial practice for you!

Art Activity - Learning to draw Fishstick from Fortnite

Follow along and learn how to draw Fishstick from Fortnite in this easy step-by-step drawing tutorial. Grab your paper, pens or pencils and have a go! Remember to tweet your finished masterpiece!

Friday 27th March Why not try an exciting murder mystery Maths activity on fraction , decimals and percentages?

Reasoning problem of the day- How many ways can you think of?

For your English work this week you are going to create another world/ portal. 


Firstly, you should create your design with a pencil and paper then labels it's features. 


Next you can write a setting description using similes, metaphors and personification. 



Wednesday 25th March 


Have a go at one of these reading comprehension cards below...



Try this activity based on ratio.


Wider Curriculum


The weather today is supposed to be beautiful, so if you have a garden or a yard, sit outside and enjoy some sunshine. See you soon!


Miss Sillitoe laugh



Tuesday 24th March 


Can you use the Vocabulary Ninja word in a sentence?

Try and find both a synonym and an antonym for this word and make your own sentences with these. 


Try this game below to work on your knowledge of multiples and factors... 


Wider Curriculum

Missing our class read? David Walliams is releasing one audio story every day for you to enjoy whilst school is closed. Please explore the website and enjoy a story with somebody at home. You could write a review of the story or draw one of the characters as you imagine them to look. Have fun!


Miss Sillitoe smiley

Welcome to the Whizz Kids 2019-20!

Class Teacher: Miss Sillitoe

Team Teacher: Mrs Gordon

Learning Support Assistant: Miss Whittaker 

We can't wait to share our year with you as we embark on our final year at St Michael's! 




  • Homework is given each Friday to be returned every Monday please. 
  • Homework will include spellings which will be tested every Monday


  • We have P.E every Wednesday this half term


  • We also have swimming every Friday morning.

Please remember all children require a swimming cap. 

Below are some useful websites for the children to access at home... 

We recommend that they access Reading Plus and the times tables challenges at least 4 times per week!

Back To School...


The school year has begun and we are off to a busy start! 

The children designed their own Whizz Kids Twitter Logo. Our winning design was created by Mia and will represent us on Twitter this year.

Well done Mia! ‚Äč




Autumn Topic: WW2

Was WW2 a significant turning point in British History?


We started our first Y6 Topic this week, researching famous faces of WW2 and discovering what made these people such famous figures of the war.

Tom wrote a fantastic piece of work based on Winston Churchill.