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Shining Stars Reception

Learning Challenge Curriculum Reception


Autumn 1 : Myself

In this topic children learn to talk about and discuss qualities associated with themselves and their family. Children become confident in knowing their first name and people in their families names. Children explore their personal qualities such as eye colour , hair colour and become more confident in speaking about themselves. 


Autumn 2: Food

In this topic Children learn all about where food comes and if it  from animals or plants. Children get to explore lots of different culinary skills including chopping, baking, kneading and cooking. We taste healthy foods from around the world and celebrate food cultures within our class. Children become more confident in tasting and eating new foods and become more familiar with the vocab associated with food, e.g. healthy, animals, vegetables, 

Spring 1: Animals


Spring 2:


Summer 1:


Summer 2:


Wow Event Term 1 


On Friday the 7th of December the Shining Stars and Super Stars visited Asda on Breck road. This was part of our 'Learning Challenge Curriculum' topic on Food. We learnt all about where foods come from and what foods come from animals and what foods grow from plants. we had a tour of the shop and got learn about the different countries the foods come from.



         Shining Stars 2018-2019 laughlaughlaugh


        " We are Stars watch us Shine"

Hello, and welcome to the Shining Stars class page for 2018-2019.indecision



Our class teacher is Miss Mc Entee and our Learning Support Assistants are Miss Davison, and Miss Collins.



We have started our school journey here at St Michael's in the most fun and exciting manner and we cant wait to share it all with you.



Reception Rocks!! surprisesurprise  




          Our journey has begun. smiley

                                Shining Stars 2018-2019 


It has been a busy few weeks for the children in reception, starting their school journey here at St Michael's. The children have loved making new friends and welcoming each other to the classroom. Children have settled in fantastically and are busy learning new and exciting things everyday.


We are all so exciting to grow and develop into confident and competent learners this year.


Meet the Shining Stars class of 2018-2019. 


Growing in Confidence 


We have had a busy few weeks here in the Shining Stars classroom making new friends learning new things, and most importantly having lots of FUN.




Have a look at what we have got up to.smiley



Reading Eggs


Children have all been given log ins for Reading Eggs, this is a great home intervention to help with Children's reading. 

Autumn 1 and 2 in the Shining Stars Classroom.


Read Write Inc


Children in reception have started in their Read Write Inc groups and have begun to blend and read simple words. We strongly encourage reading at home with your child every night and asking questions on the text they are looking at. Children will learn a new sound each day and we encourage you to re-cap sounds with your child each night.




Children are becoming confident with recognising numbers from 1-10, and counting from 1-20. Children can be encouraged to practice their number formation at home and counting everyday objects putting their learning into context.