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School Council

School Council 2019-2020

Our School Council provides a meaningful way for pupils to voice their opinions and have their views taken into account in decisions which impact upon them. It is an important and useful way for our pupils to be provided with leadership and development opportunities by organizing and carrying out activities and service projects for the whole St Michael's Community. 

Their Role and Responsibilities  
The School Council will uphold our 3 school rules

The school council members have been voted by their classmates because they are:

•             Approachable

•             A good listener – everyone in the class has to be comfortable talking to them

•             Assertive – the opinions of their class are just as important as everyone else’s

•             Efficient – class discussions must cover a lot of issues in a short space of time

•             Fair and respectful – everyone has the right to express their point of view

•            A good communicator – they need to be able to work with staff and students from   across the school


So as a school council member what do I actually do?

As part of the school council the children have three main jobs:

• Collecting the views of their class and passing them on to council members. 

• Letting their class know what goes on in the meetings the council attend. 

• Taking an active part in meetings. 


To do these jobs well the council have regular meetings with each other and their class where they will listen to people’s concerns and issues and note them down.

What work have the children done?

They have interviewed staff to join our school

We are part of the West Derby School network

We have joined the “Go Green” Campaign – how we can look after our environment

The children have given their design ideas for a mural in the Key Stage 2 boys toilets

The children have set up a School Council Surgery

New outside bins for the junior yard

The council have helped have their input for Young carers Awareness day that was celebrated in our school

Promoted BBC’s 500 words competition and entries into the competition


Has there’s been any impact on School Life?

Reporting on major and minor problems around the school

Increased self-confidence for children

Understanding of the issues that are important in our school

Increase in learning outcomes

Increased participation in school life

Increased communication between pupils and teachers / staff

Improved awareness of the ethos of the school

Improvements in discipline and behaviour

Teaches children local and global citizenship and accountability

Provided an opportunity for children to problem solve, to develop leadership skills and have an understanding of democracy


Future Projects

Mental Health week

Health & Fitness week during summer term

Helping to plan Aspire & Achieve week for the summer term

Setting up an Eco Hero for each class

Complete a short pupil questionnaire to look at life for pupils in our school