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School Council 2019-2020

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This years School Council as voted for by the children are 

Anexia, Kiera, James, Pepe, Mani, Christelle, 

Hannah, Maria, Olivia, Kurbel and Noah.

Our School Council provides a meaningful way for pupils to voice their opinions and have their views taken into account in decisions which impact upon them. It is an important and useful way for our pupils to be provided with leadership and development opportunities by organizing and carrying out activities and service projects for the whole St Michael's Community. 

What kind of person makes a good school council member?

These children have been voted in by their classmates because they are

• Approachable.

• Good listener - everyone in the class has to feel comfortable talking to them.

• Organised - it will be their responsibility to make sure meetings happen in your class on a regular basis.

• Assertive - the opinions of their class are just as important as everyone else’s.

• Efficient - class discussions must cover a lot of issues in a short space of time.

• Fair - everyone has the right to express a point of view.

• Good communicator - they need to be able to work with staff and students from across the school.


The School Council also uphold the schools 3 school rules which are

Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be Ready

they are examples to all members of the school community and will lead by example to all.

So as a school council member what do I actually do?

As part of the school council the children have three main jobs:

• Collecting the views of their class and passing them on to council members.

• Letting their class know what goes on in the meetings the council attend.

• Taking an active part in meetings.


To do these jobs well the council have regular meetings with each other and their class where they will listen to people’s concerns and issues and note them down.