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Record Breakers Yr 1

Reminder: PE is on Monday's , don't forget your Kit to get Fit. :)

Welcome to Record Breakers 2019-2020 class page!




Our class teacher is Miss Mc Entee and our Learning Support Assistants is Mrs Millier, Mrs Ealey and Miss Collinson will be supporting our are SEN children.


Reminder - Please can your child bring a water bottle in with their name on it. :) 

English links to games & activities to help at home:

Phonics links:

Maths activities and games to help at home:

Science games and activities to help at home:

Computing - Keeping safe online:


Please use the Thinkuknow website (link below) to help you stay safe online!



We love learning new sounds in phonics as this helps us with our reading!


"Triceratops," Dinosaurs Songs by StoryBots

If you can count to three, you can easily spot a Triceratops. One, two, three...check out his horns!

StoryBots - Dinosaur Songs | Tyrannosaurus Rex plus more | Cartoons for Kids | WildBrain Cartoons

Dance, rap and strut along whilst learning about different dinosaurs! The StoryBots are curious little creatures who live beneath our screens, offering a world of learning and fun for kids and parents.

"Stegosaurus," Dinosaurs Songs by StoryBots

You can tell a Stegosaurus from the plates on his back. They're for attracting mates, regulating body temperature, and looking cool!

Science Resources

Science - Animal knowledge vocabulary organiser



This half term we are:

- counting in 1s and 2s from any given number forwards & backwards.

- saying one more/one less than a number e.g. 1 more than 17 is 18 (we know more than means adding one) 1 less than 52 is 51 (less means fewer/take away).

- recalling number bonds to 10.

- counting in 1s and 2s forwards and backwards from any number (up to 100).


Autumn 1 - All about me and where I live!

Guided Reading


We have been looking at a video clip of 'Bubbles' and talking about describing the beach where the little girl was walking along and found some bubbles. 


We used our senses to explore what we could see about the beach in the hear, what we could hear and how the sand would feel. We did this by have a tuff tray of sand and using our hands to feel to help us describe what the sand felt like. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Geography - Where do I live? Where is our school?


We have been looking at where we live and what is in our local area. We have been using google maps to find where our house is from aerial view. We have also been giving instructions using positional language (go forwards, backwards, turn left & turn right) of how to find our house when using google maps. 

We have explored our school by google maps and looking at aerial view photos of our school. We have begun to develop our map skills by drawing a map of how we can get from one area in our playground to another.


Picture 1
Why not google maps your house? Our school? Liverpool city centre?

Science - My body and senses

We have been naming parts of the body we can see and cannot see.


Sarah - "spine"

Abbie - "skull"

Eric - "wrist"


We have been investigating and carrying out simple tests on using out senses. We have used blindfolds to paint pictures like the artist Lisa Fittipaldi. This helped us realise how much people who are blind/have a sight impairment feel and how much they rely on using their sense of touch.



In English we have been working on saying aloud simple sentences out loud. We have been practising clapping the rhythm of the sentences out in different voices e.g. singing, robot etc numerous times before writing the sentences down. Please practise this at home with children.


We have also been doing lots of reading and exploring our new book corner. Children have been enjoying paired reading and encouraging each other to practice reading aloud.