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Visit to the Metropolitan Cathedral for the Celebration of the Coming of the Kings of the Epiphany

Advent Service at the Metropolitan Cathedral

Holy Communion 

With You Always Programme 


Here at St Michael's we encourage the children to be personal examples of the life of God within us all. They are reminded to attend Mass and all the Sacraments.  Our Parish Priest Father Fitzgerald and the Catechists work alongside our parents and the school community, in the children's preparation for receiving the sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist. The children follow the WITH YOU ALWAYS program and this is delivered through monthly meetings and workshops during the Autumn and Spring terms of year 4. Children then make their first Reconciliation in the Autumn term and receive their First Communion during the Summer term.

Come and See


Come and See is a Catholic Primary Religious Education programme for Foundation and Key stages 1 and 2. The programme of study, written by a group of experienced diocesan advisors was introduced across the Federation in September 2012 and has been warmly received by staff and pupils. The child friendly material provided within Come and See allows children to explore the teachings of the Catholic church through the use of age appropriate resources and activities.

Each year group from Foundation 1 to year 6 have their own list of focus topics to consider throughout the academic year. The topic will coincide with the church calendar however, the depth in which the topic is explored is dependent upon the respective age of the child. For example, during Lent, whilst all children will learn about the plight of Christ, our Early Years children will consider the importance of growing and new life; Key Stage 1 children explore the effect of change and opportunities, with Key Stage 2 children considering the importance of self-discipline, sacrifice, death and new life.


Each topic is split into 3 sections-



Children learn through shared experiences and make connections between their life experiences and their friends.



At the heart of the programme is the mystery of God’s self-revelation of love through Jesus Christ. Come and See gives pupils the opportunity to explore the mystery of faith through Scripture and Tradition. 



Children remember and celebrate what they have learnt and apply their knowledge individually.


Children learn through shared experience and make connections between life’s experiences and the gospel teachings. Teaching methods stimulate activities resulting in a response from the ‘heart’ of the child, developing attitudes of respect and reverence and an understanding that following Jesus is a call to holiness and wholeness of life.


Children are taught in as creative a way as possible, using for example, role play, hot seating, drama, art, music, reflection; the children learn and live through experiencing living faith.


At the heart of the programme is the mystery of God’s self-revelation of love through Jesus Christ. Come and See gives pupils the opportunity to explore the mystery of faith through Scripture and Tradition.


Come and See in Action! Topics include Signs & Symbols, Preparations, Gifts and Books.

Collective Worship

At St Michael’s we always strive to provide quality experiences of prayer and liturgy that support pupils’ spiritual development. These communal acts of prayer and the liturgical celebrations of the Church form part of everyday life in our school. Every child is given the opportunity to pray by giving praise and thanks to God using traditional prayers of the Catholic Church and many other sources of prayer that enable this to take place. We encourage the children to nurture a relationship with God through words, symbols, song, gestures and silence. Prayer is such an integral part of school life that it can never be confined to ‘timetabled’ slots but may take place in a variety of contexts other than those specifically structured.

We are proud to share and celebrate with you many of the elements which make St. Michael's Catholic Primary School so special. Being a Catholic school, we place Jesus and the message of the Gospels at the centre of all that we do.

Quotes from December 2017 Section 48 RE Inspection


Wow! Fantastic! Congratulations! Wonderful News! Brilliant! We were judged as …….. OUTSTANDING


St. Michael’s Catholic Primary School is outstanding in providing Catholic Education


Pupils at St. Michael’s are inspired by their mission, ‘With Jesus we can achieve what we dream and believe.’ They contribute to the school’s evaluation of its mission. They live its clear message fully and on the day of inspection one child commented, ‘If we live it we are a happy school.’


They take a leading role in those activities which promote the schools’ Catholic Life and mission both within school and in the wider community such as fundraising for numerous charities, for example, CAFOD, Children in Need and Red Nose Day. They are alert to the needs of others and seek justice for all and regularly respond to any disasters that affect the lives of their global neighbours. Pupils recognise the importance of serving others.


Pupils are confident in expressing pride in their own religious and cultural identity and beliefs. Pupils have taken part in a National Language Celebration to gain insights into other cultures and communities.


Pupils response to and participation in the school’s Collective Worship is outstanding.


Pupils concentrate well and are actively engaged in lessons and are committed to improving their knowledge, understanding and skills, in order to further develop as competent learners.

Pupils enjoy tackling challenging activities, and respond exceptionally well to opportunities which extend their learning.


The experience of living and working in a faithful, praying community has a profound and visible effect on the spiritual and moral development of all pupils, irrespective of ability or faith background. They have a deep sense of respect and are an inclusive prayerful community.


Behaviour in lessons is outstanding because pupils enjoy Religious Education.



The quality of teaching, learning and assessment in Religious Education is outstanding.


On the day of inspection, all lessons observed were outstanding. Teachers are enthusiastic and passionate in their delivery and linked Scripture to their own and the lives of the pupils. They have high expectations and pupils respond enthusiastically.


Teaching assistants are carefully planned for and they provide varied, creative and outstanding care and support to many individuals and groups throughout the school.


Staff promote high standards of behaviour and are outstanding examples of mutual respect and forgiveness.


Leaders, Governors and Parish Priest

Leaders and governors are outstanding in promoting, monitoring and evaluating the provision for Religious Education.


The provision for the Catholic Life of the school is given the highest possible priority by leaders.

The curriculum leader, (Mrs Birch) has high aspirations and an inspiring vision for Religious Education across the school. The parish priest is a regular visitor to classrooms and fully supports the religious education programme as the need arises.

Parents and Carers

Parent questionnaires show that the majority of parents are in full agreement of the Catholic values and the welcome they receive at school.

A Quote from Jeanette Riley: School Chair of Governors:

'A huge congratulations to the whole school community, this really is a fantastic read. The report truly reflects the hard work and commitment to values displayed throughout the school. I am always proud to say I am a governor and former pupil of St Michael’s, I’m amazingly proud today!’


A sincere congratulations to all. Thank you to all the staff, children, governors, Fr Fitz and parents who in partnership have secured this brilliant achievement for the St Michael’s.

Thank you Alyson Rigby Headteacher

At the heart of our Christian Community is the wish to support others in our parish and global community.

The 4 parts of Collective Worship are :


Gather  Listen – Respond – Go Forth



We begin or enter – this could be to music,  singing together, saying a prayer or just a quiet moment. We aim to create an atmosphere of prayer.



This is a reading from scripture or sometimes another focus based on scripture. We pause at times for quiet contemplation.



This is what we do in response to the scripture.  It may be quiet reflection, a formal or informal prayer or responding to bidding prayers. We may also do something such as placing a pebble or other marker on the collective worship display or share our thoughts.


Go Forth:

We help those present to take the message away with them – prayer card, picture, common prayer, action etc.

Our Parish


We belong to the parish family of St Michael's Catholic Church


St. Michael's Catholic Church


West Derby Road,Liverpool 6.

Our Parish Priest is Father Fitzgerald.


For further information call 0151 263 6578

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Our School Prayers

In our school we offer our prayers to God everyday, children are taught daily, asking God to help us to follow Jesus and be a witness of hope and peace to the world.



See Our Parish page for more information.