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PE at St Michael’s
Name of Leads: KS2 Mrs Forbes and  KS1 Miss McEntee



From EYFS children will enjoy and enthuse confidence whilst participating in PE. Children will develop a competitive perseverance and become physically confident. Children will compete and excel in competitive sport and develop a positive attitude towards physical activity. Participating in PE will help all children build a positive character that values fairness, respect and teamwork. At St. Michaels we aim to deliver a high quality physical education curriculum that inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive and other physically demanding activities.  Our PE curriculum will provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities equip children with resilience, problem solving skills and collaboration.  Skills and key vocabulary will be revisited and built on every year.  Lessons will be underpinned by our mission values and our broad and balanced curriculum will ensure we meet the needs of all children.   




·At St Michael’s children have many opportunities to compete in various competitive sports. This helps build children’s resilience and perseverance.

·We have high quality coaches leading our PE sessions which helps teachers/support staff develop their own CPD in this area.


Areas for Development

·PE kits are still not being worn by all pupils; a possible suggestion of school tracksuit worn on set days for PE.

·To improve the level of competition we enter as a school. It is a suggestion to have a  possible rota for staff to support PE leads with the entering of a vast array of events

Pupil Voice


Ben “P.E is my favourite subject because it challenges to do more sports than just football”

Dashk - “I loved learning how to climb the equipment in P.E, it was scary at first but I did really well.”

Daria - “Gymnastics has been fun and it was funny seeing Mr Ferry take part in the lesson."


Joanna "I like learning new movements every week in P.E."