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Hi!. I am the nursery teacher, Miss Potter and I work with the nursery Learning Support Assistant Miss Bentum! 

Nursery Starting Times:


AM: 8:45-11:45


PM: 12:15-3:15


*Please ensure you are on time to pick up your child and let Nursery staff know if you are running late or if someone different is picking your child up. Thank you.*

Homework gets given out every Friday as well as a book for you to read with your child. Please return homework books by Wednesday of the following week.


*Remember is it important to read with your child as often as you can to support communication and language development*

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Getting your child ready for school:


Is your child school ready?


  • Using the toilet or potty and out of nappies?
  • Trying to dress/undress including putting on their own coat?
  • Trying to feed themselves using a knife, fork and spoon?
  • Having a good bed time routine?
  • Helping tidy up their toys?


*Nursery staff will offer support to all parents/carers with any queries or concerns with any of the above.*

Spring 2



Our topic this term in 'Animals' to launch this topic we had a visit from 'Animals Take Over'. The children enjoyed engaging with different animals such as a snake, a tarantula, a chinchilla , an owl.

We learnt lots of new facts including where the animals live and what they need to survive. Each week we focused on different types of animals. 


We explored lots of animal related books such as 'Dear Zoo' and non fiction texts. The children have been fascinated by what they have learnt. We explored life cycles about frogs and butterflies.


The children developed the number skills by represent numbers in different ways. We identified numbers, clapped the amount, jumped the amount and made marks.




During this term our topic is 'Growing' the children have actively engaged in the topic. We planted our own flowers, cress and potatoes. It has been a fantastic learning experience for the children to observe the seeds grow over time.


We have explored numerous story books using the Talk 4 Write approach. The stories we focused on are 'Jack and the Beanstalk', 'Jaspers Beanstalk', 'The hungry caterpillar'. 


We looked at how we grow and explored different life cycles.


In maths the children focused on counting using 1:1 correspondence. For example we counted magic beans to give to Jack. We also explored size and compared ourselves to the beanstalk.

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Our Topic this Autumn Term is: MYSELF



During this topic we will be looking at: facial features and body parts, how we feel, who's in our family? Features of a house, making friends.

You can support your child at home by:

  • singing songs and Nursery rhymes 
  • Looking at photos of family
  • Supporting them with naming rooms in the house and what objects we usually find in those rooms e.g. oven in the kitchen
  • Discuss how we are feeling and why
  • Discuss how we can be a good friend.


We are looking forward to sharing with you some of our learning from this topic. 


Weekly Homework supports our topic and what we have been learning.


During Autumn Term we focus on the Prime Areas of learning: Personal, social and emotional development, Communication and Language and Physical development. These areas really are the foundation for learning and becoming independent confident learners. 





Our Autumn Learning...

Communication and Language is a main focus in our Nursery.


Children need to be able to communicate, listen and understand things before any learning can take place. 


We can't stress the importance of communication and sharing books with your child to develop their communication skills. 


Asking questions whilst reading books is important to develop children's comprehension skills and to also see how much of the book they can understand.


The link below is a free site to support developing language and communication. 

Talking Point is a website which offers information for parents and carers to support their child's speech and language development at home.
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R.E and Catholic life

Our topic is Birthday:


Key words: Birthday, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, manger, waiting, celebrate, Christmas, crib, swaddling clothes, Advent


We have been preparing for Christmas during Advent. We have decorated a Christmas tree, wrapped presents, learnt the Nativity story through a story map and performed Christmas songs to our family. 

Advent: waiting and preparing for Christmas

Nursery Rhymes and Counting Songs

Picture 1

Nursery Rhymes and counting songs


Our children love singing rhymes. Here are some you can share together at home.

Continuous Provision...


is so important in Nursery as it is a way your child explores the world around them, learns to make choices for themselves, problem solve, create friendships and work as a team and develops new interests. 


In Nursery we love seeing children explore the provision and develop their learning through play. 

Some examples of provision and exploration in Nursery

Outdoor Learning is a very important part of Early Years! We love to explore outdoors especially in water and mud, so please provide your child with a suitable coat (waterproof, hood, non designer). We have wellies but feel free to bring your own child's wellies in with their name written inside.