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Miss Potter

Hi I am Miss Potter, the nursery teacher,  I have worked with children for 10 years and been a teacher for six years working across Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. This is my second year teaching at St Michael's Catholic Primary School and I believe learning through play is fundamental for your child's development. I enjoy watching the children progress academically and holistically throughout Nursery. I believe that children flourish when they explore the outdoor environment and I am very lucky to be the lead of 'Forest school' this year.


Miss Langley

Hi I am Miss Langley, I am an apprentice in Nursery and have enjoyed engaging with the children throughout play. I encourage the children to be independent during snack time and I believe this is a great opportunity to develop children's speech and language skills. I am creative and you will often find me making playdough with the children adding different scents and objects. In the future I aspire to be an Early Years teacher.




                                      Our Learning

Nursery Starting Times:


AM: 8:45-11:45


PM: 12:15-3:15


  Please ensure you are on time to pick up your child and let Nursery staff know if you are running late or if someone different is picking your child up. Thank you.

Homework gets given out every Friday as well as a book for you to read with your child. Please return homework books by Wednesday of the following week.


Remember is it important to read with your child as often as you can to support communication and language development



Follow us on Twitter "Nurserystm" to track your child's learning journey. This will be updated regularly and I will put on 'top tips' on how to support your child on twitter. 

Getting your child ready for school:


In Nursery we encourage the children to be independent.

Your child will learn to put on their own coat and clothes.

Prepare and cut up their own snack and pour their own drinks.

Tidy up the resources in Nursery and put them in the correct places.


Help at home by encouraging your child to:

  • Use the toilet or potty.
  • Trying to dress/undress including putting on their own coat.
  • Feed themselves using a knife, fork and spoon.
  • Have a good bed time routine.
  • Helping tidy up their toys.


Nursery staff will offer support to all parents/carers with any queries or concerns with any of the above.

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Communication and Language is a main focus in our Nursery.


Children need to be able to communicate, listen and understand things before any learning can take place. 


We can't stress the importance of communication and sharing books with your child to develop their communication skills. 


Asking questions whilst reading books is important to develop children's comprehension skills and to also see how much of the book they can understand.


The link below is a free site to support developing language and communication. 

Talking Point is a website which offers information for parents and carers to support their child's speech and language development at home.
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R.E and Catholic life

Nursery Rhymes and Counting Songs

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Nursery Rhymes and counting songs


Our children love singing rhymes. Here are some you can share together at home.

Continuous Provision


Continuous Provision is so important in Nursery as it is a way your child explores the world around them, learns to make choices for themselves, problem solve, create friendships and work as a team and develops new interests. 


In Nursery we love seeing children explore the provision and develop their learning through play. 

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning is a very important part of Early Years! We love to explore outdoors especially in water and mud, so please provide your child with a suitable coat (waterproof, hood, non designer). We have wellies but feel free to bring your own child's wellies in with their name written inside.