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Nursery Staff

Miss Potter : Nursery Teacher

Miss McMahon: LSA

Miss Hughes: LSA



Here is our Welcome video - come and explore the nursery environment and meet nursery staff.  

Nursery Starting Times:


AM: 8:45-11:45


PM: 12:15-3:15


  Please ensure you are on time to pick up your child and let Nursery staff know if you are running late or if someone different is picking your child up. Thank you.

Homework gets given out every Friday as well as a book for you to read with your child. Please return homework books by Wednesday of the following week.


Remember is it important to read with your child as often as you can to support communication and language development



Follow us on Twitter @NurserySTM1to track your child's learning journey.. 

Topic Plannners
Autumn Term
Spring Term

Getting your child ready for school:


In Nursery we encourage the children to be independent.

Your child will learn to put on their own coat and clothes.

Prepare and cut up their own snack and pour their own drinks.

Tidy up the resources in Nursery and put them in the correct places.


Help at home by encouraging your child to:

  • Use the toilet or potty.
  • Trying to dress/undress including putting on their own coat.
  • Feed themselves using a knife, fork and spoon.
  • Have a good bed time routine.
  • Helping tidy up their toys.


Nursery staff will offer support to all parents/carers with any queries or concerns with any of the above.

Home Learning


If you need any help or support please contact me via twitter @NurserySTM1 or by the EYFS School bubble email


Here are some useful links to support your child's learning at home:  Number Jacks  Alpha Blocks StoryBots - Emotions - there are lots of different videos to encourage children to learn about the planets, space and many other topics. Check it out.



Keep your families fit and healthy and join Joe Wicks P.E. sessions. 



Put your favourite songs on and make up a dance. Send it to us on twitter

Below is a link to youtube link to Go Noodle - we use this in school for brain breaks

or a bit of fun. It also teaches the children to maintain focus and copy moves.  Banana Banana Meatball



Learn the letter sounds using 'Jolly Phonics'



Use pots and pans to tap out tunes, nursery rhymes and syllables in your families names. Here is a link for Nursery rhymes. 






                   Oak National Academy 

Alongside the work that we set for your child, you can also access an online learning tool called 'Oak National Academy'. We would like you to use the fantastic resources they provide, a teacher will be delivering 3 lessons a day. 


To access, click on The National Academy website below, select Reception, and start on Week 1, Day 1.


There isn't a Nursery page, however I believe most of the activities are suitable for our Nursery 2 children.



Useful links to support your child at home