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Inspirations Yr4

Welcome to Year 4 2020-2021!

We are the 'Inspirations'laugh


Mrs Forbes is our class teacher smiley


Mrs Maddocks is our HLTA smiley


Miss Cornett is our Learning Mentor smiley

Here is the Year 4 email address.  If our bubble goes into isolation we will contact you with home learning links and invites to zoom lessons from this email address.


Please email a picture of your child's work or a note to say they have completed it and any issues by the end of each day. 


Home Learning Timetable 18th January 2021

Home learning timetable WC 11th January 2021

Thursday 14th January 2021


Good morning Inspirations - Here is the timetable for the day.  Have a great day.


9.00am - P.E.  Choose a Joe Wick PE lesson from youtube


9.30am - Maths  - Basic skills - write out the 8 times table 

Google meet lesson introduction at 9.30am

Multiply and Divide by 3 - recap lesson 

Join the google meet or read through the powerpoint below

Complete the worksheets for multiplying and dividing by 3


10.30am - Break

11.00am - English - Google meet lesson introduction

Describe Perseus' journey into Medusa's cave

watch the video

Complete the planning sheet below and read the model text for support.


12:00pm Reading comprehension

Read the powerpoint below and answer the questions


1:30pm Art - watch the video clip

Look at the powerpoint for ideas and create a drawing using cross hatching to shade.



2:30pm TT rockstars 

Wednesday 13th January 2021


Good morning Inspirations - Here is the timetable for the day.  Have a great day.


9.00am - P.E.  Choose a Joe Wick PE lesson from youtube


9.30am - Maths  - Basic skills - write out the 8 times table 

Google meet lesson introduction at 9.30am

To divide by one and itself

Join the google meet or read through the powerpoint below

Complete the activity sheet

There is an extension sheet if you found it easy and a support sheet if you are struggling.


10.30am - Break

11.00am - English - Google meet lesson introduction

Read the expanded noun phrases powerpoint and complete the worksheet. 

The extension activity is if you find it easy and a support activity if you are finding it difficult.


12:00pm Reading comprehension

Read the powerpoint below and answer the questions


1:30pm Geography Mountains - Google meet lesson introduction

Watch the video clip on how mountains are made. 

Choose one of the 3 peaks either Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike or Snowdon and use swiggle to search for facts and information. Create a fact page.


2:30pm TT rockstars 

English work Tuesday 12th January 2021

Click on the link above for the input for the English work

Monday 11th January 2021


Good morning Inspirations - Here is the timetable for the day.  Have a great day.


9.00am - P.E.


9.30am - English - Reading comprehension - Perseus and Medusa


10.30am - Break


11.00am - Maths  - Basic skills - write out the 8 times table 

Divide by 100 - look through the powerpoint and answer the questions on the worksheet. There is an extension sheet if you find it easy and skills practice if you are a little bit unsure. There is also a support activity if you are struggling.



1pm - Science - conductors and insulators 

Watch the video

then complete the worksheet below.


2pm - Reading or reading eggs 

Friday 8th January 2021


Good morning Inspirations - Here is the timetable for the day.  Have a great day.


9.00am - Mindfulness -


9.30am - English - Write a non- chronological report on your mythical creature.  

                               Include subheadings with information on;

                               Habitat, food, powers, special skills, how to take care of the creature.


If you finish your report you can do a "Fun Friday Free write."  You can write about anything you like.  A match report, story, gaming ideas.  


10.30am - Break


11.00am - Maths 

Dividing by 10 - remember to move the digits one place to the right. 


1.30pm - Art - Sketching  

Have a lovely weekend 

Thursday 7th January 2021


Good morning Hotshots, here is the timetable for today.  



9.30am English 

Look the PPT and complete the retrieval on inverted commas. 

Describe the picture.  

Complete p3 and p4 on the Talk 4 writing text on Goblins. 


10.30am - Break


11.00am - Maths 

Multiplying by 100 go through PPT 

Complete the task and extension  


1.30 pm - Come and See - 

New topic - Community 

Write about the different jobs within the community


2.00pm relax and read with a hot chocolate.  

English Thursday 7th January 2021

Hello Inspirations, welcome back to home learning! 

Wednesday 6th January 

9am - Get yourselves up and moving with this 15 minute workout!

9:30 am - English - We are starting a new topic writing non-chronological reports about mythical creatures! Look at the powerpoint below and then draw and annotate your own mythical creature! try to use interesting adjectives to describe them! There is also a powerpoint about mythical creatures to help you with your ideas.

10:30am - break

11am - Maths - Basic skills - write out your 4 times table

Multiplying by ten - Work through the powerpoint below (you can print the worksheet or just write your answers on paper)

There is an extension activity if you found it easy or more skills practice if you are struggling.

12pm - lunch

1pm - Geography - Waterfalls - Have a look at this website;

Choose a famous waterfall and complete the sheet below.

2pm - Reading - use reading eggs or complete a reading comprehension in your year 4 booklets.

Home learning timetable WC 4th January 2021

Home learning WB - 14th December 2020

Home learning WB - 7th December 2020

Home Learning WB - 30th November 2020

Home learning WB 16th November 2020

Home learning timetable 9th November 2020

Home learning timetable for the week beginning 2nd November

Week Beginning 2nd November 2020

Maths - We are staring a new topic, Addition and Subtraction

We will begin with a cold task on Monday and then start work on the learning objective - To add and subtract 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s

English - Our new book is 'The Lost happy Endings' by Carol Ann Duffy

We are going to write a different ending to the story of Hansel and Gretel

Topic - Ancient Egypt - We are going to be using computers, youtube and books to research homes, jobs, travel, death and how to survive!

Friday 1st May

Happy Friday everyone, it’s nearly the weekend.  Here is the work for today.

We are now on Week 2 Wednesday


Follow the link for today’s activities


Today is..

Maths – Area Part 3  

English – Story: Identifying the features of a text

Science – What is reflection and how can we use it?


Collective Worship

This week's Collective Worship gives an opportunity for you and your family to talk, reflect and pray together on the theme of 'Thank you for people who are helping us'. This may take 10-15mins and can be led by an adult or a child. There are web links included for suggested music to use but, feel free to choose your own if you would prefer, and a suggested activity for afterwards. 

Top Tip: create a calm and quiet space for this reflection. God Bless and stay safe.

Thursday 30th April

Morning everyone.  Here is the work for today.

We are on Week 2 Tuesday


Follow the link for today’s activities


Todays is..

Maths – Area Part 2 - Calculating

English – Reading Comprehension – Fact Retrieval

Spanish – Introducing yourself to Spanish


Enjoy and let me know how you get on!

Wednesday 29th April

Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping well.  Here is the work for today.

We are now on Week 2 Monday


Follow the link for today’s activities


Today is:

Maths – Area Part 1

English – Reading Comprehension – Word Meaning

History – Henry’s Great Matter


Come and See – Draw a picture illustrating the events of Pentecost

Tuesday 28th April 2020


Morning everyone here is the work for today. 

We are on Week 1, Friday.


Follow the link for today’s activities


Today’s is..

Maths – Area and Perimeter

English – Poetry – Write a repetitive poem

Science – Pulse


Come & See – Create a Good New Board

*Note to parents.

This work comes from the Come and See Religious Education programme which we teach to all children at St. Michaels.  The activities aim to keep Religious Education practical and fun.  Please only choose the activities you and your child wish to complete. There are lots of suggestions to help you choose.  You might want to take photographs and of the children's work to share with school.  

The Topic for 20th April - 15th May is Pentecost.  The first part of learning is called – EXPLORE. This shares your child’s everyday experiences and helps them to see how the Catholic faith is lived in their everyday lives. The second part, called – REVEAL shares bible stories that links to their everyday life.


Enjoy and let me know how you get on!

Monday 27th April 2020

Welcome back everyone, I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. If you haven't already take a look at our school message for you all.


Follow the link for today's activities.  

Remember you are on Week 1 Thursday to continue with the sequence of lessons.


Today is..

Maths - Area and Perimeter

English - Spag Focus - Expanded Noun Phrases

History - Henry VIII Lesson 2

Enjoy and let me know how you get on!

Friday 24th April 2020

Follow the link for today's activities.  

Today is...

Maths - Area & Perimeter-

English - Features of Poetry-A familiar poem today,

'The Magic Box by Kit Wright!

Science -  Light

Enjoy and let me know how you get on!

Online Learning


Follow the link for today's activities.  

Today is...

Maths - Area & Perimeter

English - Poetry

Spanish -  Learning to count in Spanish

Enjoy and let me know how you get on!

Tuesday 21st April 


Using yesterday's adjectives and similes, write a character description for the little boy from the picture. You need to come with a name and backstory for your character. Where are they from? Who do they live with? Then, describe what your character looks like and also what their personality is like. 

Wider Curriculum 

Welcome back Inspirations. I hope you all had a nice Easter. I enjoyed seeing your photographs on Twitter.  Keep posting them!

Maths - Monday

English - Reading Comprehension

English - Writing 

Victorian setting-Make a word bank of all the adjectives to describe this setting.

Write a simile bank, for example: as poor as, as dirty as, as cold as, as scared as...

Wider Curriculum-Art/DT - Make a Victorian toy Jack in the Box.

Friday 3rd April 2020

English-The final paragraph to our desert island story.

You have to try to escape from the island.  How will you escape? What will you need?  Who will help you?  Where will you go once you have escaped? 

Display your finished pieces on Twitter.

Maths activity-dividing 2 digit numbers by 10

Wider curriculum-French-Don't look at the answers until you have finished!

Thursday 2nd April 2020

English-I can write a survival story using similes and metaphors.

Think about the island picture from Monday, your word bank, similes, metaphores and survival list from today and try to use these to write a survival story for staying on the island.  How long will you be there?  Who will be with you?  What will you do?

Art-Design a Greek Urn

Wednesday 1st April

Today, there will be no work for you...APRIL FOOLS! There will of course be our normal daily tasks to complete.

Writing Task:

L.O - I can come up with a list of things needs to survive being stranded on an island. 

Your task today is to come up with 10 items that you would take to an island to help you survive. You are only allowed 10 items and you must explain how you would use them to survive. This list will be used to write a new story about surviving on an island!

Maths Activity

The 3 Consecutive Numbers Challenge, Y3 & Y4. Be challenged, explore and enjoy!


Tuesday 31st March 2020


#stmEnglish - #stmWriting - English - L.O - I can create a word bank and a setting description.

Using yesterday’s story and the photograph, build a word bank with adjectives to describe the setting. You can also use similes - for example -the sand was as gold as a kings precious gold. You could also use metaphors for - for example - the palm trees were giants dancing in the breeze. Once you have made your word bank, rewrite the opening to your story by describing the setting. Use your Beat the Monster stories as inspiration.


#stmMaths - #stmTime - Maths - L.O - I can convert between 12 hour digital/analogue and 24 hour digital time.
Using the prompt gird, complete the converting time worksheet in your workbooks.

Wider Curriculum - #stmComputing

Get yourselves onto  and complete the Coding Town Hour of Code.


Monday 30th March 2020

#stmEnglish - English: L.O - I can write a story based on a photo. 

What happens next? Write a story based on the setting in the picture.  Who are the characters on the island? How did they get there? What could happen? Don't forget to post your finished pieces on our Twitter page @Inspirationsstm using #stmWorkAtHome 

Here is an example: Slowly, I walked along the creaking, weathered boardwalk. Tentatively approaching this magical island wondering how I got here. What was that eerie noise?

Maths - #stmTime - L.O - I can convert time between 12 hour digit and 12 hour analogue.

Check out this very for help:

Using the work books (or a sheet of paper) you were given, draw these clocks and complete the activities. 

There is also this game that is free to play:



THE WIDER CURRICULUM - #stmAncientGreece - L.O - I can research and write about the role woman played in the Ancient Greek Olympics 

What role did women have in the Ancient Greek Olympics? Research and add to your History/Geography topic project that you started last week. 



Friday 27th March 2020

English - #stmFreeWriteFriday -  L.O - I can come up with a free write based on a photograph.

Using this photograph, write a story about absolutely anything you want. Think about the following questions: 

What is behind the door?    Where is the door?    Where is the light coming from?     Who is behind the door?    Who is looking at the door?   What will happen when the door is opened?




Maths - #stmTime-  L.O - I can explore telling time using an analogue clock.

Draw your own version of the clock below and label the 5 minutes intervals. 

Once you have done this, complete the Quiz at by using the code:




Wider Curriculum - #stmSolidsLiquidsGases 

Complete the Solid, Liquid and Gas, States of Matter – Science Game for Kids: 



Thursday 26th March 2020

English - L.O - I can write a persuasive letter asking for no homework. 

You are going to write a letter to Mr Ferry and Ms Gibney to persuade them to get rid of homework for when school returns. Before you do this, try and think of as many reasons, and then plan it by boxing it up using these sections:

  • Introduction - Explain what the letter is about.
  • Main body - Group you reasons into paragraphs. 
  • Conclusion - Summarise the main points. 



Wider Curriculum:


Today you need to spend time researching the first part of your Greek topic project; "The First Ancient Olympics".  Use or to find out some interesting facts and get the first part of your Greek topic project written. You can use word to write this or you could use This will be the first part of a longer piece so let's get it started! Don't forget to send in your pictures on Twitter using #stmWorkAtHome and #stmAncientGreece. 


Wednesday 25th March 2020

-English-Write a set of to make a sandwich, how to make your bed etc... #stmenglish #stmwriting @LWQM

-Maths-Check out The maths Factor for online challenges.  #stmmaths

-Science-Complete your first science assessment if you received the pack in the last days of school.

 -Visit for animal activities. #stmscience #stmcomputing



Tuesday 24th March 2020

Morning everyone, make sure you complete your 'Grammar Hammar' check and your 1 Maths Skills Check for the children who were in during the last week to get the work packs. 


Don't forget your daily exercise sessions on youtube with the body coach, Joe Wickes.


In English I  challenge you to write a diary entry about how what it is like being off from school!

Welcome to Year 4 and the wonderful Inspirations!

Our Current Class Book

Our Curriculum:

Autumn Term:

This first term we have so many fantastic things to learn about. Our topic is Ancient Egypt and we will be spending time in English, Maths, Science, History and Geography lessons, looking at the topic. 


Come & See 

We will spend time looking at other faiths and examine two important Catholic topics, first, the topic of Belonging and then being Chosen.



In English we have focused on two texts, Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll and The Egyptian Cinderella. We will write character and setting descriptions, our own stories and newspapers. 


We will focus on Place Value during the first 5 weeks of term and then move onto Addition and Subtraction. We will have a strong focus on Basic Skills in our daily skills boaster sessions. 



In Science we will focus on two topics. First, we will study The Digestive System and Teeth. Then, we will focus on Living Things and Their Environment. 



In our topic lessons we will focus on how the lives of wealthy people were different from the lives of poorer people. We will examine how historic items and artefacts can be used to help build up a picture of life in the past. We will carry out research to discover features of villages, towns or cities and explain why people may choose to live in one place rather than another.



We will be focusing on Gymnastics during the first half term. We have already learnt how to use various different pieces of equipment. 


Here are some useful links for extra homework. Log in information is available from Mr Ferry. 




Please follow our very own class page on Twitter:

Our Class Projects

Our Daily Lessons