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Inspirations Yr4

Welcome to Year 4 and the wonderful Inspirations!

Our Curriculum:

Autumn Term:

This first term we have so many fantastic things to learn about. Our topic is Ancient Egypt and we will be spending time in English, Maths, Science, History and Geography lessons, looking at the topic. 


Come & See 

We will spend time looking at other faiths and examine two important Catholic topics, first, the topic of Belonging and then being Chosen.



In English we have focused on two texts, Mystery of the Egyptian Scroll and The Egyptian Cinderella. We will write character and setting descriptions, our own stories and newspapers. 


We spend time looking at last year's curriculum, making sure children have a secure understanding before moving onto the Year Four curriculum. We will focus on Place Value and Addition and Subtraction for our first two topics. 



In Science we will focus on two topics. First, we will study The Digestive System and Teeth. Then, we will focus on Living Things and Their Environment. 



In our topic lessons we will focus on how the lives of wealthy people were different from the lives of poorer people. We will examine how historic items and artefacts can be used to help build up a picture of life in the past. We will carry out research to discover features of villages, towns or cities and explain why people may choose to live in one place rather than another.



We will be able to focus on two sports over the first term, Dodgeball and Benchball. 


Here are some useful links for extra homework. Log in information is available from Mr Ferry. 



Cairo Cafe Project

Our Cairo Cafe Project is starting Monday 12th November. All proceeds will go to our class fund, allowing us to go on school trips and have amazing events within school.


Anti-Bullying Week 2018

From Monday 12th November we will spend a week looking at the causes of Bullying and how we as a school can combat this. As part of this we will be wearing odd socks all week.


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Our Class Projects

Anti Bullying Week 2018

The Egyptian Coronation Street

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What is Bullying?

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British Values

What are British Values?

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Enterprise Activities

The Cairo Cafe

The Advert!

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Remembrance Day 2018 Poppy Project

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Our Reverse Advent Calendar

Our Daily Lessons


Bonfire Night Parkin

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Here is a recipe for a very delicious Bonfire Night Parkin. Follow the steps and make your own!

Egyptian Falafel

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Spicy Chilli Nachos

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A musical celebration of Bonfire Night

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Downton Egypt

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