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High Flyers Yr 5

Come and See WB 15th June 2020


Collective worship WB 15th June 2020

Online learning- WB 1st June 2020

This week we are on Thursday of week 5.  

English - SPAG - Cohesive devices 

Maths - To describe volume in cubic units 

Foundation - What is the sacred text of Buddhism?


Good luck and have fun. 

Come and See and collective worship. 1-6-20


Monday 11th May 2020


We are beginning the week on week 3 completing Thursday's lessons on Oak National Academy.


English - Persuasive Letter: SPaG focus – List of three


Maths - To apply length conversions to problems


Foundation - Was Elizabeth I ‘weak and feeble’?


As well as all this I will be hosting another live writing session from 2pm - I would to catch up with as many as you as possible.

Film and TV review Writing Challenge

A Message To St Michael's

We thought we would put together a video to show you how much we are thinking about you and missing you. We know times are though but it is so important to keep going. Soon this will be over and we will all be together again.

Friday 1st May 2020


Hey High Flyers.

April seems to have come and gone so quickly. It has been fantastic being able to hear so many of you over the phone recently. I've reminded a lot of you about using Seesaw and the Live Writing sessions I have been doing. I hope more of you are able to join.


So here is the link for another one. It will go live just before 1pm on Friday 1st May.



Wednesday 22nd April

How to access new home learning resources

This week's Collective Worship gives an opportunity for you and your family to talk, reflect and pray together on the theme of 'Light in the Darkness'. This may take 10-15mins and can be led by an adult or a child. There are weblinks included for suggested music to use but, feel free to choose your own if you would prefer.Top Tip: create a calm and quiet space for this activity. God Bless and stay safe.

Tuesday 21st April

Happy Tuesday everybody. Everyone at St Michael's are missing you guys so much. Keep me updated with what you're up to on Twitter and Seesaw. 

If you need any passwords then use this link


Maths -

Wider Curriculum - Science (The Solar System)

Monday 20th April


Let's Jotcast again. I will be going live from 2pm for a live writing session. I hope to see as many as you on there as possible. Click the link below and be ready to write.

English - Reading and Writing

Maths -

Maths Home Learning Friday

Maths Home Learning - Understand percentages - White Rose year 5

First day of April - Happy Wednesday 1/4/2020

Tuesday 31/3/2020 (Last day of March)

Maths Home Learning Tuesday Week 2

Wow is it Monday already?! 30/3/2020

Music Knowledge Organiser - Dancing in the street

Maths - Home Learning Week 2

Home Learning - Friday 27th March 2020 (Have a lovely weekend)

Home Learning Thursday 26th March 2020

Home Learning - Wednesday 25th March 2020

Welcome to the High Flyers' Class Page.

We will be using this as a window in to what goes on in class. Attached is a welcome PowerPoint and Letter that briefly highlights the routines of a typical day, along with some information about how you can help your child to achieve their full potential.


Knowledge Organisers

To help with this term's topic - Crime and Punishment - we have created a knowledge organiser that each child can use to begin to understand what will be taught throughout the topic. This document contains the essential knowledge we will be studying in class.

If your child could learn this section by section, as each week we will be testing them. 


Some ways you could use the Knowledge Organiser at home - 

  • Children read the information and try and recall it either verbally or writtten down
  • An adult tests them on small sections
  • Repeat it over and over
  • Keep revisiting information that has already been learnt in previous weeks


Any other hints and tips that you have found useful would be welcomed.

Anglo-Saxon Knowledge Organiser



What we are studying this term;


English - Letter writing, Non-Chronological reports

Arthurian legends - Knights of the Round Table

Sword in the Stone

Fiction Narrative - Create legends


Class Read - Artemis Fowl


Maths - Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, and Measure

Place Value - Roman Numerals to 1000, Interpret negative numbers

Addition and Subtraction - Add and subtract whole numbers with more than 4 digits, including using formal written methods (columnar addition and subtraction)

Add and subtract numbers mentally with increasingly large number

Measure - Area and Perimeter

Science - Materials and their properties

Children will be asked to compare and group together everyday materials on the basis of their properties, including their hardness, solubility, transparency, conductivity (electrical and thermal), and response to magnets.
They will also know that some materials will dissolve in liquid to form a solution, and describe how to recover a substance from a solution.


Topic - Anglo-Saxons - Invaders and Settlers

Geography - Where did the Anglo-Saxons come from? Describe using the 8 compass points.

History - Describing historical events on a timeline and explaining some of the reasons why Anglo-Saxons wanted to settle in Britain.


Computing - Algorithms and Programs:

Use VR to explore the landscape of Modern Britain. Places where the Anglo-Saxons settled.



I have included a number of website links below that your child could be accessing to help improve their English and Maths skills.



Any other websites that your child uses and finds effective - I would love to able to add them here too. Please let me know.