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Online Learning Wednesday 6th January 2021


Hi Year 5

Here is your work for today. Please email a copy of your work across to this address when you are done:


English  - Compound Sentences

Maths - Recap Multiplying 3 digits by 1 digit

Guided Reading - Read the text and answer the questions.

What does inspirational mean? 

Research a local charity that is important to you or school.

Find out who created the charity and why.

Collective worship WB 15th June 2020

Online learning- WB 1st June 2020

This week we are on Thursday of week 5.  

English - SPAG - Cohesive devices 

Maths - To describe volume in cubic units 

Foundation - What is the sacred text of Buddhism?


Good luck and have fun,



Come and See and collective worship 1-6-20

Online learning WB 18th May 2020

On Monday we are on Thursday of week 4.


Don'f forget to tweet any work you have done.  I would love to see it.  



Come and See 18th May 2020

Online Learning WB - 11th May

Thursday of week 3.  Click on the link below. 


Good luck and enjoy 


Online learning WB 27th April 2020  


This week you should be continuing with the online lessons.  On Monday 27th April - You should be on Thursday of week 1 and just continue with the lessons daily.  Well done for all your hard work so far.  

Come and See work WC  - Monday 27th April 2020 
Change to online learning

From this Wednesday 22nd April 2020, we will be using the Oak National Academy resource for our online learning.    Click on Year 5. 

We will be starting this on Wednesday 22nd April 2020 at week 1 day 1. 

This will be our only online learning that we will set, other than the usual reading plus, reading eggs, TTRs.  Each day there will be 3 lessons for the children to complete independently - foundation, maths and English - taught by a teacher through a pre-recorded video. In addition to this, there will be 2 pieces of Come and See to be completed every week. 

I hope you will find this a lot easier to follow and hopefully the children will really enjoy it. 

Come and See work WB - 20th April 2020
Work for Tuesday 21st April 2020
Work for Monday 20th April 2020
Work for Friday 3rd April 2020
Work for Thursday 2nd April 2020
Work for 1st April 2020
Work for Tuesday 31st March 2020
Work for Monday 30th March 2020
Work for Friday 27th March 2020

Wed 25th March work

A warm welcome from the High Achievers.  This year promises to be very exciting and we have started the year with enthusiasm and determination.   The welcome letter and PPT will make you aware of key routines such as homework and P.E days.   

Thank you in advance for all your support. 

What we are learning this term: 


Autumn 1:


Topic:  Anglo-Saxons and Scots

Invaders and Settlers


Enquiry question: 

Where did the Anglo-Saxon and Scots settle in Britain?




Autumn 1:

Arthurian legends – Knights of the round table

Sword in the Stone

Fiction Narrative – Create legends


Autumn 2:

Letter writing:

Formal - letters of complaints

Informal – letters back home to family

Non-Chronological report – Farming in Britain


Class read

Anglo-Saxon Boy by Tony Bradman




Place value

Addition and Subtraction

Area and Perimeter

Multiplication and Division

Topic links to maths

Measuring: Designing and making an Anglo Saxon House

Word problems: Calculate distance and cost of travelling from Ireland to Scotland (Scots)  

Rounding: Plotting dates on a timeline and rounding to nearest century, decade etc.


See long term plan for other foundation subject plans.  



Knowledge organiser



I have included a number of website links below that your child could be accessing to help improve their English and Maths skills.



Any other websites that your child uses and finds effective - I would love to able to add them here too. Please let me know. 


  • Topmarks  (An excellent website for both English and Maths)  

  • Prodigy Maths  - (Improve your maths)

  • BBC Bitesize -  (All topics can be improved here)

  • My Mini Maths  - (Lots of maths resources to target specific year 5 skills)