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Champions Yr 6

Welcome to the Champions' page! 

In the Champions' class, we show: resilience, creativity and determination in all aspects of the curriculum! 

Prom - The Videos...

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We created a SPaG revision board and spellings so you don't have to go looking!

We had some little balls of fluff to visit... It was hard to give them back! Very cute, very fluffy and growing so quickly.

We had a very interesting P.E session this week with Hull University. We had the chance to experience VI Football! We were learning to trust a partner around an obstacle course, a mini game and a terrifying penalty shoot-out!

Our amazing Mathematicians who have scored 38/39 out of 40 in the Arithmetic test! 


Well done children!laughyes

We have begun to embrace our inner ROCK STAR! Don't forget you can access TT Rockstars at home!

We have begun to embrace our inner ROCK STAR! Don't forget you can access TT Rockstars at home! 1

We have our own musician! Well done Arian

We have our own musician! Well done Arian 1

Eco Warriors 2019 - We are investing for the future with help from the Woodland Trust. I've never seen so much drama over a wiggly worm!

Our first circuit training! Definately some tired muscles this afternoon. Can you spot all the stations?

A great team effort in English this morning, what do you think of our shared write?

A great team effort in English this morning, what do you think of our shared write? 1

We love our 'song of the week' - The Man Who Can't Be Moved. Partick beatboxed and we had a selection of angelic voices too - very brave.

Science - We looked at the similarities and differences between human and ape skeletons.

Science - We looked at the evolution of the finches of the Galapagos Islands

Guided Reading - The Greatest Show

The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie

Best PE Lesson so far!

In Science, we have been looking at and discussing inheritance through the medium of the Mr Men and Little Miss characters.

This term, our topic is What in the World. So far, we've had: posters, powerpoint, presentations and lots of questions

PE - Coach Sam warming up our bodies and our brains. Can you guess what letters we made?

Under and Over without talking and an epic start to our Dodgeball Season

Attendance Winners!!

Attendance Winners!! 1

Our Cookery Lesson - Quorn Curry. The smell was delicious and 95% of us really liked it.

Visit from Tony who told us about the roles and responsibilities of Deacons within the church and parish community

World War 2 Exhibition

Art: Researching Lawrence Stephen Lowry

Planning our Enterprise for the French market day on Friday

Our World War 2 WOW Day! 

We have enjoyed a great variety of activities today with our WW2 expert. From code-breaking through Morse code, to role playing a selection of propaganda posters.

Could you have survived on a weeks ration?
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Day 4 of the Readathon! Big breakfast with the Year 5 & 6 parents

Building circuits in Science

Champion's class winning the attendance trophy for the 3rd week running! Great work Champions!

On this page you will find out what the Champions have been up to in all aspects of the curriculum, outstanding pieces of work, photographs/videos of us in action and useful websites and links. 


Enjoy :)

Wednesday 14th November: Father Fitz visit 



Today Father visited the children in year 6 along with 2 Parishioners (Bryan and Pat) 


Abel 'It was interesting finding out about our local parish' 


Tami ' It taught us more about what life is like as a priest' 


Daniel 'It was really suprising finding out that Father didn't have children, but now I know that priests make the commitment not to have children when they join the priesthood' 


Regan 'I liked asking questions to find out more because we only knew a little bit about him- now we know lots!'  

Researching using the ICT. How did Hitler persuade the German people to invade other countries? What impact did the war have on our city?

Take a look at the following websites to help with all things school related :)

Children should use reading plus at least 3 times per week as part of their reading homework. 

Mathematics reasoning in the Champions class! Multiplying fractions!

During our 'Vocation and Commitment' topic we have been looking at the Ordination. 

Children in the Champions used freeze framing to show the different stages of when a Priest enters the Priesthood. 


Key questions: 

How old do you have to be to become a priest? Patrick


What are their main roles and responsibilities? Jenna 


How long do they train for and where do they train? Osaria


Where do Priests live? Dylan 


We have invited Father Fitz in along with some of the Parishioners to answer some of these questions for we can find out more about what it is like to work and live in the Parish. 





In French we are looking at jobs and family! We are learning how to ask about family members and answer questions. Aves-vous des freres ou souers?





Picture 1

This week the magnificent mathematicians in the Champion's class have been multiplying fractions and using this skill to solve reasoning problems.  Our basic skills this week is the 6 times table (including division equivalents) 



Topic homework due in Friday 16th November 

As you aware we are currently studying World War 2 and the impact it has had on Liverpool.

Your job is to find out as much as you can about

  • What was Liverpool like during the war?
  • How was Liverpool affected during the war?
  • Which parts of Liverpool were worst affected?
  • Why was Liverpool a target for German bombers?


Create a leaflet, poster, piece of art which shows the impact that the Blitz had on our city.


Come and see

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Learning focus: The ordination of a priest.
Perpetual has used Chatter Kidz to explore what it means to be 'called' to the priesthood.

This half term's topic homework is to complete the project below all about the Anderson shelters that were made in WW2

We have been making shadow puppets to show how shadows work! 

We found that the closer the object is to the light source the bigger the shadow. 


Hanna ' We enjoyed making shadow puppets, we even did a show' 


Arian 'The project was really fun and we learnt a lot about shadows and light'


Reading Donations Assembly by our Deputy Head Girl

Assembly Dance Battle

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When the assembly ends, the fun doesn't stop!

Extra Curricular Achievements!

Extra Curricular Achievements! 1