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Champions Yr 6

Hello Champions!

See below for lots of fun activities for you to complete at home. 

If you have any questions about home learning or anything else please contact:

Miss Wright :) 

Year 5/6 statutory spelling list

Home Learning Week 5: 30th November 2020

Home Learning Week 4: 23rd November 2020

Home learning week 3 (16/11/2020)

Home learning week commencing 9/11/2020

The Nightmare man fear tale (English)

Champions welcome letter 2020/2021

Home learning contingency plan

Home Learning Timetable

Here is our year 6 bubble email which you should use if you would like to contact the Year 6 teaching team for work, questions or anything else!

Home learning- Read this lovely short story and use the activities at the bottom of the page this week!

Home learning- Can you write a setting description for this mysterious and enchanted land... Tweet your work to @ChampionsSTM

More mini murder maths based on prime numbers and factors! Try it!

Art Activity - Learning to draw characters

Follow along and learn how to draw Fishstick from Fortnite in this easy step-by-step drawing tutorial. Grab your paper, pens or pencils and have a go!

For your English work this week can you create another world/ portal 


Firstly you should design it with a pencil and paper and label all the different features. 


Examples: fair ground, desert island, outer space, inside a game...


Then, write a setting description using similes, metaphors and personification. 



Skellig -chapter 1, 2 Reading comprehension

Learn Joyful Learn Joyful, It's not website but we do lessons via Skype. We will do our work perfect. Our process, first we collect the topics what they are ...

Why not try this mini murder mystery task all about fractions, decimals and percentages?

Have a look at this reasoning problem.. How many ways can you find?

Working at home 

While school is closed, tasks will be posted both on our class page & Twitter to keep you busy. 


Wednesday 25th March 


Have a go at one of these reading comprehension cards below...



Try this activity based on ratio.


Wider Curriculum


The weather today is supposed to be beautiful, so if you have a garden or a yard, sit outside and enjoy some sunshine. See you soon!



Tuesday 24th March 


Can you use the Vocabulary Ninja word in a sentence?

Try and find both a synonym and an antonym for this word and make your own sentences with these. 



Try this game below to work on your knowledge of multiples and factors... 


Wider Curriculum

Missing our class read? David Walliams is releasing one audio story every day for you to enjoy whilst school is closed. Please explore the website and enjoy a story with somebody at home. You could write a review of the story or draw one of the characters as you imagine them to look. Have fun!

Take a look at the following websites to help with all things school related :)

Children should use reading plus at least 3 times per week as part of their reading homework.