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After School Clubs

At St. Michael’s we offer a great variety of extra-curricular activities.  Being able to offer our children a wide range of diverse extra curricular activities is very important as it encourages them to become independent, confident and successful members of the community. Clubs change on a termly basis in order to offer as much choice as possible. Letters will be sent out for your child to select their preference. There are a limited number of places available so we aim to share these out fairly.


April 2019


Day  Club Year Group
Monday Choir & Music Fever Juniors
Monday Tag Rugby 5 & 6
Tuesday Athletics 1 & 2
Tuesday Yoga 5 & 6
Wednesday Tennis 3 & 4
Thursday LFC 2
Thursday Athletics Juniors
Thursday  Coding Club 2
Thursday Shine 1
Friday Football Year 3
Friday Eco Warriors Juniors


Years 1 & 2 Computer Club

Years 1 & 2 Computer Club 1
Years 1 & 2 Computer Club 2