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Super Science!

Welcome to the Science Page!


St. Michael's is full of budding scientists waiting to share their knowledge & understanding with you!


British Science Week 2018!

Children are naturally curious and passionate about their learning.

Here at St Michael's Catholic Primary School, we aim to provide a stimulating science curriculum that nurtures this curiosity and allows pupils to ask questions and develop the skills they need to answer those questions.

Science Workshop with Parents!

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Last term Year 1 were looking at plants;


 "Dinosaur's that eat plants are called herbivores!" - Divine Promise


"Plants have petals and a stalk but a tree has branches and a trunk." Holly




This term we have been looking at parts of the body and how we use them.


"We have got 5 senses." Heidi


"We can touch things with our hands and listen to things with our ears." Bobbi-Jo

Picture 1 Year 1 plants & Senses
Picture 2 Year 1 have been learning about the 5 senses!
Picture 3 We went on a St.Michael's senses hunt!
Picture 4 Senses scavenger hunt!
Picture 5 Year 6 are studying the topic of LIGHT
Picture 6 Year 4 are budding science investigators!