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Pastoral Care


As the Pastoral Team at St. Michael's Catholic Primary School we aim to provide support for all of our pupils and their families. We offer a safe place where individuals are valued, listened to and supported to overcome any barriers to learning.



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Pastoral Team  
Pastoral Manager Mrs Birch
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator Miss Higgins
Learning Mentor Mr Burcher
Learning Mentor Miss Cornett
Family Support Worker Nikki Kavanagh


The Pastoral Team can make a difference…..


Their role includes:
· Listening to their views.

. Helping them to manage difficulties in their like.

· Helping them to understand about being a good friend and co-operating with others.
· Raising their self esteem.
· Motivating them to be successful and achieve.
· Encouraging them to be more self-sufficient and independent.
· Producing a plan of work towards agreed goals.
· Supporting them to organise their time and work in school and at home.

Barriers to learning may be:
· Negative emotions
· Low self confidence
· Difficult family circumstances
· Problems with friendships and relationships
· Worries and concerns about transferring from one key stage to another particularly primary to secondary school
· Worries about changes in their lives
· Difficulties with organisation

We work alongside your child’s teacher, to offer extra support for your child and help them to make the most of their time at school.



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