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Music at St Michael's!



Choir club runs every Tuesday from 3.20- 4.15 


All KS2 children welcome 


We will be learning a variety of hymns, songs and carols during the Advent period :) 

Song of the week 'Colours of Day' 

Colours of Day


The children in Key Stage 2 had an action packed week with the Rock Kidz team. They have had the opportunity to learn some exciting songs and routines leading up to a fantastic musical event where they will showcase what they have learn’t for the parents and carers. The children have even had the chance to record their very own CD which will be available to buy very soon!

Here are just some quotes from the teachers and children who have taken part:

Mrs Haynes ‘I think it was fabulous, the children got so much out of it, the songs that we learnt were very meaningful and had the feel good factor.


‘I liked the monkey dance because at the end your heart thumps really fast’ Abraham (The Olympians)

‘I liked the swaying’ Arsen (The Olympians)

‘I like the respect song’ Shaun (The inspirations)

‘I love the song cool to be me’ Adam (The inspirations)

‘I like the monkey dance’ Mabior (The inspirations)

‘I like the songs and the monkey because my heart goes up and down and races’ Alicia (The High flyers)

‘I like the monkey dance because it was crazy’ Abel (The High achievers)

‘I like how Simon plays the guitar to the beat’ Patrick (The High achievers)


Choir at 'Step out for stroke' at Croxeth park!

Notre Dame music sessions!

Music Curriculum Overview

KS2 children from St Michael's visit Notre Dame secondary school every Thursday for music tuition. It is a fantastic opportunity for students to experience a variety of instruments whilst being lead by professional musicians. 



Adhnaan Notre Dame is fantastic, you get to play the instrument you like and sometimes we get to see performances from other musicians. I am in the 'Super starters rock' group I play the drums! 


Colin Notre Dame music school is fun, you get to play lots of instruments like pianos, guitars and drums. I am in the 'Let's play' group!  


Tethloach I like to play the cornet, it makes a loud noise! I am in the 'super starters'. My favourite song is Three little birds by Bob Marley! 

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Children from across the school playing a variety of musical pieces using the Glockenspiels! 

Here we are playing: Journey- 'Don't stop believing', 'Deecee's got the blues' and Pharell Williams 'Happy'! 


Libby- Mae ' I enjoyed working with Miss Burton, we learn't lots about notation, rhythm and beats! 





We are marching in the light of God WMV

Song of the week 'We are marching in the Light of God'

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St Michael's Choir currently runs 3.15pm - 4.15 pm every Monday. All children welcome! 

We are learning to sing a variety of pop songs and hymns ready for our performance next half term)  no

Song of the week! 


Pharrell Williams- Happy

Happy - Pharrell Williams (Original + Lyrics) HD

Happy - Pharrell Williams ------------------------------------------------------------ Lyrics It might seem crazy what I'm about to say Sunshine she's here, you can take a break I'm a hot air balloon that could go to space With the air, like I don't care baby by the way Because I'm happy Clap along if