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Learning Challenge Curriculum

Key Stage 1 and 2


The classroom curriculum is comprised of two main elements:


The National Curriculum (See DFE New Curriculum) and Religious Education (Come & See).

At St Michael’s Catholic Primary School we have a dedicated team of staff and Governors, who are committed to delivering a broad, exciting and challenging curriculum.

Our school is proud to be in the great city of Liverpool and acknowledges its location in many ways. We also embrace the rich and diverse cultural background from which our children come from. Learning is based on the principles of mutual respect, responsibility and enquiry based learning, which promote curiosity, embed the application of basic skills across the curriculum and allow writing to be meaningfully embedded.

We plan our curriculum to ensure that it has sufficient breadth, balance and relevance for each child. We use the Learning Challenge Curriculum as this approach secures greater learner involvement, builds on children’s prior knowledge and helps them to develop into creative, confident learners who are keen to take risks, collaborate and persevere. It is these qualities which we feel are vital for success in life as well as learning.



  • Build on children’s natural motivation to help them develop a love of learning.
  • Achieve high standards in both Maths and English.
  • Develop basic life skills to equip pupils to succeed in life.
  • Nurture curiosity and creativity which feed the imagination.
  • Nurture self-confidence to create an environment of self-belief.
  • Instil resilience, independence and personal attributes needed for life.
  • Raise children’s aspirations to achieve their own personal goals.



  • Our curriculum, whilst paying due regard to achieving high standards in English and Maths, is broad, exciting and challenging.
  • Endorse high quality question/ challenge based learning so that pupils are motivated and have a hunger for knowledge.
  • Ensure that oracy is at the heart of the curriculum so that pupils are able to express themselves fluently, grammatically and confidently.
  • Teach pupils personal learning and thinking skills so that they become successful and motivated learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.
  • Cultivated collaborative learning, so that pupils develop social skills, practise interacting with others and enjoy learning.
  • It will be exciting and will offer pupils first hand experiences to re-enforce their learning and to underpin their growing knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • Participation in The Arts so that our pupils develop artistically and creatively.
  • Digital technology is used effectively and creatively so that pupils are equipped with the necessary skills to live in a 21st century world.
  • Enable our pupils to demonstrate learning in a variety of different ways for example through art, photography and presentations etc.
  • British Values are woven through our curriculum and opportunities for the children to practise democracy are built into daily life at school.
  • Foster a life long love of learning, so that pupils have the strength of character to persevere.