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Children in Action- Let's Celebrate!

Aspire and Achieve Week was introduced in St. Michael’s Catholic Primary in 2012 with aim of improving attendance. Over the last 5 years it has developed into so much more than an attendance initiative.


We start with an early free breakfast for all children – providing fuel for the action packed day ahead! The children then take part in a carousel of job themed activities led by the teachers. Following this throughout the day there is a creative curriculum based on jobs and people who help us.


To enrich the week a variety of professionals visit the school and share with the pupils their roles in a variety of different formats. This includes workshops, demonstrations, assemblies and class talks.


Visitors this year have included a carpenter, rapper, musician, helicopter pilot, chocolatier, midwife, armed and community police, fireman, careers advisor, bus driver, health visitor, RAF, karate coach, sports teacher, health visitor, sky sports reporter, line dancer, Liverpool University, Royal Marine, nurse.


Year 5 children had the opportunity to try their hand a bricklaying, plastering and plumbing at Liverpool Community College.


The week was a great success!

Chick Hatching Project!

The chicks eggs arrived and 8 hatched! Lukaku, Mane, Beauty, Shelby, Ed (Sheeran), Charli Chuck Chuck, Nellie and Tweet had great fun spending time in all classes. 

Year 6 had an awesome time in Colomendy!

Show Racism The Red Card!

On Tuesday afternoon a group of Year 5 children went to Anfield to take part in an event called “Show Racism the Red Card.”  


At this event they took part in a workshop that focused on the impact of racism in society and also how sport can help change people’s attitudes.  


After that, the children had the opportunity to ask questions to a number of guests that included Daniel Sturridge, Jose Enrique and Howard Gayle (a Liverpool player from the 70&80’s).  



The chicks have hatched!

It’s that time of year again! The chicks eggs arrived on Monday and all 10 hatched! Barkley, Klopp, Orlando, Jeff, Cindy, Rosey, Sparkie, Beiber, Feather and Star will spending some time in all of the classes.


Rice Lane Farm Project

Each week Mrs Birch and Mr Burcher take 15 children to the farm as part of an ongoing project. The aim is to improve confidence, emotional intelligence, friendships, communication skills and team building skills whilst learning about farm life . Activities have included petting, grooming, walking and feeding the animals, making bird feeders and lamb collages with lambs wool, cleaning out pens together with taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. It is the highlight of the week for many!                    


Image result for cathy cassidy 

We were extremely fortunate to recieve a visit from famous children's author Cathy Cassidy, who is known for such brilliant books as 'Looking Glass Girl' and 'Marshmallow Skye'. She talked all about the importance of daydreaming and the craft of writing, before spending two hours signing copies of her books for pupils from our school and visiting schools. We were also lucky to have children from New Park Primary and St Teresa of Liseux join us on the day. Thanks to all those who made it an amazing success!  

Harry Potter Night

  The world of Hogwarts has come to St Michael's! For one night only the junior hall was transformed into a magical world where families were invited to join in with various fun activities. Pupils battled it out, earning points for their Hogwarts' houses in a bid to win the coveted house cup!


 **Well done to Ravenclaw, this year's winners!**


Art week - fundraising for KIND

As part of art week, the children have spent a lot of time celebrating individual artists. They have collectively produced fantastic masterpieces to display in an exhibition for the parents and to raise money for the charity KIND. It is a charity that gives back to our community.

Attendance Pig designs

Over the past week the children have designed fantastic, creative and colourful pigs to represent their class. They are going to be collecting one token each day, but only if every child is in.

So make sure your in to win!

Stable Relationships - Horses teaching emotional intelligence in school!

Stable Relationships came into the school with three horses to work with the children on identifying and managing emotions.


The children took part in observing, approaching, leading, and grooming horses. The activities involved discussions, creative work and problem solving.


I liked grooming Digby and making him feel calm—Emily

I loved leading Bilbo by myself—Tomas

I gave the horse a high five! —Nathan

I enjoyed playing Grandma’s Footsteps— Kadie


A great time was had by all. It was ‘horsome’ HA!



School Mission Statement Launch!

With Jesus we can achieve what we dream and believe.